Tristen- Dream Within A Dream (7")


Tristen brings a studio recorded version of her long-time concert closer "Dream Within A Dream" to this 7" release. Crafted from Edgar Allan Poe’s classic poem, the single — like the mononymous singer-songwriter and musician known for her “knack for penning an infectious hook” (Entertainment Weekly) — marries complex, introspective lyrics with rollicking, jangly guitars.

“There’s a reason why Poe’s ‘Dream Within a Dream,’ Thomas’s ‘Do not go gentle into that good night,’ and Shelley’s ‘Ozymandias’ remain classic,” Tristen says. “They finger the wound of mankind, prodding at how mercurial this reality is, consciousness as participation in a shared reality, and how the sands of existence creep through all hands. It rhymes so beautifully. It had to be a song. I thought, perhaps it would be easier to remember these classics if they had a familiar musical background, like the 12 bar blues.”

Side A
Dream Within A Dream

Side B
Red Lava

"Dream Within A Dream" was written by Edgar Allan Poe and Tristen Gaspadarek
"Red Lava" was written by Tristen Gaspadarek.
Recorded at Tight Squeeze
Produced by Tristen & Buddy Hughen
Mastered by John Baldwin